Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 218: Yikes Im bad at this!!!

Wow...almost 10 days since the last post...I am a HORRIBLE blogger!!! YIKES!!!! Well this has been my week of change...new classroom...new co teacher...new shift...new weight loss "rules". I have been blessed again to have an amazing co teacher that is also a friend! It has been a blessing in so many ways...one way is that we are going to be one another's accountability! Today I put paper up on the inside of our "cubby" in our room for us to post inspirational weight loss quotes...it's great to have encouraging friends!
The gym this week has left me sore almost every day...I increased my resistance and incline during cardio and my weight during strength training. Motion is Lotion...LOL!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 209: Kind of a boring day...

Tim has been at work all day...the house was already clean and everyone else seemed to be super busy. So I have been crafting all day trying to get ready for my first "tent".A friend from work asked if I would like to share at tent at the Mt. Laurel farmers market next month, so I am trying to get a decent collection of product made.  Today I made some magnets, hair clips and burlap football door hangers.
I did go to the gym in between crafting...upper body and cardio. Today's blog entry is about as boring as this day. LOL Maybe tomorrow  will bring something exciting to write about...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 208: New Birthday Goal!

Today was a very busy, but great day! Started off early at Odyssey getting the new room ready for the new school year! Lots still to do...but lots got done too. I will post pictures of the finished project! After decorating a couple friends and myself headed to this Indian restuarant on 280. Since I have been a vegetarian Indian food is something I have discovered and I LOVE IT! Yum Yum!
After the food had settled some I headed to the gym...tonights agenda...cardio only. So I jumped on the ARC trainer...I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone one day and got on that piece of equipment! It is my favorite cardio machene at the time. I had lots of time to think while I was on there...and I came up with a new mini goal...drum roll please. My birthday is September 13...not too far away...5 weeks to be exact! I would like to loose 15 lbs by my birthday...3 pounds a week. To do that I am going to have to cut out some things that I have let back into my diet, things that I have been wanting to try and stop eating but for whatever reason haven't had the "will power" to stop. So no more refined sugars!!!! I love candy and cake and ice cream...in moderation they are ok...MODERATION!!! Even though I am loosing weight and eating soooo much healther than I used to I still consume more sugar than I should. So I am going to try to go cold turkey with the refined sugar. (on my birthday I willpartake of a GIANT piece of cake!!!) I have to think of a good reward if I met my goal...maybe the cake...but I don't feel as if that is a reward since it is my birthday and I am trying not to reward myself with food...so if you have any ideas of a good reward please comment...that would be great!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 206: Headache and HCG drops

Ughh...after a few days of an anniversary "staycation"...and little gym time I have been so pumped ALL day about going. Little did I know that around 4:00 this afternoon I would get this A-mazing headache that would still be lingering on now at 8:30 pm. It's my fault completely...I hadn't eaten enough today, and what I had eaten was in no way what my body needs to function. So I popped pills...still no relief from the pain...ate my pre-workout snack (peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread)...still no relief...drank some water...nope and lastly laid down for a bit...NOPE! Still...have...this...headache!!! Headache=no gym which means I am very disappointed! So tomorrow I will start my day right eating well balanced meals and drinking plenty of water...at least then if I get a headache I will know that it wasn't because of something that I did.
On another note...I saw a friend today that I hadn't seen in about a month...that's not that long...she looked awesome! I complimented her and she proceeded to tell me that she has been taking the HCG drops that I hear so much about now days. She was telling me that you loose on average about a pound a day...a pound a day...yes please sign me up! On my lunch break I googled HCG drops and quickly changed my mind. My first concern was the warning to NOT workout while on the drops...what? Not workout...but how do you loose it...and what about my strength training...I don't want to be all flabby when I get all of this off. My next concern I learned from talking to another friend about it this afternoon...while on HCG drops you have to follow a strict 500 calorie a day diet! Yup I typed it correctly and you my friend are reading it correctly...500 calories...five, zero, zero!!!! Well no wonder you can't workout...you would have NO energy to do so....AND no wonder you loose about a pound a day...you are STARVING yourself. The average person burns about 1100 calories a day just living! I would think that once you started eating again you would gain that plus some back...no thanks! I will stick to the old fashion way of water...diet and kicking my booty in the gym. Thank You!